Soffits & Fascias Cleaning

Soffits and fascias can easily make the front of your property look very untidy if left alone with no tlc. At DSD Cleaning Services we can come and put that shine back into your property by giving your soffits and fascias a good clean and allow them to shine.

How do we clean your Soffits & Fascias?

The method in which we use is our high reach water fed poles. By using these we are able to clean your soffits, fascias and barge boards by using purified water which is the most gentle and successful way to clean them, more so than using water from the tap. Some companies may clean these by using pressure washers. There are many disadvantages to pressure washing as pressure washers tend to powerfully force water up in through your vents which can cause damp in your loft (roof storage area) which can be especialy damaging due to being an unheated area of your home. Also, if you have loose paint on your property, it can chip away at your paint work. On top of that due to the powerful nature of a pressure washer it spreads the dirt of the area being cleaned everywhere, so instead of just having your soffits & fascias cleaned you could end up having to pay to have the whole building cleaned.

How often to your soffits & fascias need to be cleaned?

Unlike windows, Soffits and fascias do not need to be cleaned too often, but obviously it can depend on how dirty they get in a space of time. We recommend you have you Soffits & Fascias cleaned once a year but it is entirely up to you how often you choose to have them done. Some people have theirs cleaned as frequently as their windows.


Soffits and facias Soffits and facias

 Soffits & Fascia Repairs

At DSD Cleaning Services not only are we able to clean your Soffits & Fascias but we also offer repair works. If you have an area of your Soffit or Fascias which looks damaged or is coming away from your house or commercial property we are able to repair that for you. We would simply take the board down, replace it with a new one, paint it up to match the existing boards and reconnect your guttering where appropriate.                         

Soffit and fascias repairs                    Soffits and fascias repairs 

                                  Soffits and fascias repairs                    Soffits and fascias repairs

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