Residential Cleaning

At DSD Cleaning Services we offer many residential cleaning services, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, steam cleaning. We then also have a lot of general maintenance services like, soffitt and fascias repairs/ replacement, fencing, roofing and brickwork. If you have a residential cleaning service requirement or a residential maintenance requirement contact us on 07950 448 901 or simply fill out the contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Window Cleaning

Do you need a regular, reliable and competitve window cleaning service??  Our team of professional, friendly qualified staff are on hand to achieve this for you. First impressions mean everything, which is why we pride ourselves on making sure we provide a first class service to all of our customers.

We can bring a brand new shine to your windows. Our staff at DSD Cleaning Services will work hard to ensure your windows are crystal clean with a gleam. We provide window cleaning services for both inside and out, with as little disruption as possible without compromising on the end result.

Benefits to using reach and wash system:                                                 

  • Reaches previously inaccessable windows
  • No use of ladders
  • Detergent free so windows stay cleaner for longer
  • Cheaper prices as no need for elevating equipment up to 65 foot from ground
  • Cleans window frames at same time as glass
  • More privacy to our clients

 Residential Window Cleaning     Residential Window CleaningResidential window cleaning


Many people like to have their windows cleaned the traditional way which involves using a bucket of water squeegees and a ladder. We can provide this service for you should you prefer this. We like to make sure our customers feel happy and comfortable when we are cleaning their windows, so it is entirely up to you on the preffered method of window cleaning.


We pride ourselves in being a hard working, honest, reliable company and also very competitive with our prices and will come to your premises at a convenient time for you. If your current window cleaner is not doing as promised or you simply do not have a window cleaner, call us today on 07950 448 901 or simply fill out the contact form and we will be able to provide you with a free no obligation quotation, our clients are never disappointed with the service we provide. 

Carpet Cleaning

At DSD Cleaning Services we provide you with a professional carpet cleaning service. We have state of the art machinery which will turn your old, dirty looking carpets into bright, clean and fresh carpets.

The process involves using a treatment to tackle those hard, stubborn stains and then the use of our powerful extraction machine to leave your carpet clean and most of all as dry as it can be. All our products we use are environmentally friendly. Whether you have a room in your house which needs the carpet cleaned or if you require every room in your house to have the carpets cleaned, we will ensure they are left as brand new. Simply call us on 07950 448 901 or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours

Carpet Cleaning              Carpet cleaning


Gutters Clearing/ Repairs

Making sure your gutters are clean is essential in order to prevent damage to your property. Without the free flow of rainwater, this can cause moss to grow in your gutter and cause further blockages.

In addition to this, having a build up of moss, rainwater and other debris can cause a lot of strain on the guttering and potentially cause your gutters to break away from your house.

This can then potentially cause:

* Damp - which can lead to internal damp

* Damage to your brickwork

* Damage to your foundations

In order for us to professionally clean your gutters, we use a gutter vac which is a telescopic arm that has a camera connected to it and this extends up to four stories high. This enables us to reach most properties whether it be commercial or residential.

The gutter vac works by having a powerful suction which lifts out moss, leaves and other debris from your gutters. As our gutter vac extends to roughly 50 feet we are able to do all this from ground level which gives you more privacy at the property and also is not such a big safetyrisk for our workers.

The added bonus of using the gutter vac is that by having a camera attached to the arm we are able to show our customers before and after footage of their gutters.

We will of course come and do a survey on your gutters and if your gutters are free of blockages there will be no charge to you. If the survey shows up blockages we will of course provide you with a free no obligation quotation.

Call DSD Cleaning Services today on 07950 448 901 or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.