Gutter Clearing/ Repairs

Making sure your gutters are clean is essential in order to prevent damage to your property. Without the free flow of rainwater, this can cause moss to grow in your gutter and cause further blockages.

In addition to this, having a build up of moss, rainwater and other debris can cause a lot of strain on the guttering and potentially cause your gutters to break away from your house.

This can then potentially cause:

* Damp - which can lead to internal damp

* Damage to your brickwork

* Damage to your foundations

In order for us to professionally clean your gutters, we use a gutter vac which is a telescopic arm that has a camera connected to it and this extends up to four stories high. This enables us to reach most properties whether it be commercial or residential.

The gutter vac works by having a powerful suction which lifts out moss, leaves and other debris from your gutters. As our gutter vac extends to roughly 50 feet we are able to do all this from ground level which gives you more privacy at the property and also is not such a big safety risk for our workers.

The added bonus of using the gutter vac is that by having a camera attached to the arm we are able to show our customers before and after footage of their gutters.

We will of course come and do a survey on your gutters and if your gutters are free of blockages there will be no charge to you. If the survey shows up blockages we will of course provide you with a free no obligation quotation.

Gutter Cleaning Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning


Gutter Repairs

Due to debris, moss and other particles buiding up in your gutters this can put a lot of strain onto your gutters which can consequently cause them to break. At DSD Cleaning Services, not only can we clear and clean your gutters we can also repair them. Whether they have split, cracked or simply come away from your house, we are able to assist you every step of the way, as the last thing you want to be doing is climbing up a ladder trying to fix your guttering.

Gutter Repairs

Leaving your gutters when they are broken has many implications on your property so it is better to have a gutter repair engineer fix the problem as soon as possible to avoid further damages.


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