Conservatory Cleaning

Cleaning your conservatory windows or frames can prove very difficult what with all the glass and the need to use a ladder to reach high areas. Using ladders can be rather dangerous as they can cause damage to your conservatory leading to expensive repair bills. it is far easier and economical to let someone else do that difficult task for you.

DSD Cleaning Services use high reach water fed poles which enable us to work from ground level to reach all those high, awkward placed windows leaving them smear free and sparkling. Not only do we clean your conservatory windows but we also are able to clean your conservatory frames at the same time, leaving them looking as new. The water that is fed through our poles is purified which is far better than the water that you would get out of your tap.

If your conservatory is looking dull and is in need of a facelift then call us today for a free no obligation quotation and get your conservatory back to brand new again.

Conservatory window cleaning                   Conservatory window cleaning