Commercial Cleaning

DSD Cleaning Services offers wide range of commercial cleaning services, be it window cleaning, carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, we have a cleaning solution for all. Not only do we carry out commercial cleaning services but we also carry out commercial general maintenance and repairs. If you have an area of your commercial property which needs cleaning or you have areas which need repairing or replacing, contact DSD Cleaning Services on 07950 448 901 or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours


Commercial Window Cleaning

Whilst finding a window cleaner for your commercial premises can prove difficult, we can take that stress away from you. We are fully insured with public and employers liability, which gives you perfect peace of mind.

Our staff at DSD Cleaning Services use state of the art machinery which enables our cleaners to work from ground level with high reach water fed poles. Using ladders can prove difficult to reach certain windows if they are placed in awkward areas, which gives us the upper hand as no ladders are required.

We will leave your windows sparkling clean with as little noise and disruption as possible. We will also leave your premises with no mess.

The high reach water fed poles is one of the safest ways to carry out your commercial window cleaning. The poles we use are made out of carbon fibre which is extremely strong but at the same time very light to hold and control. If we are cleaning commercial windows at great height, there will always be more than one operative on site to assist and observe the job. 

Using the high reach water fed poles to clean your commercial property can save you a lot of money. By using cherry pickers or abseiling down your commercial building, these can be quite risky which consequently bumps your price up. So by staying on ground level and still being able to reach the same windows we are able to provide you with a far more cost effective clean without compromising the end result. 

There are many benefits in using the reach and wash system at your commercial property, they include

  • Our staff work from ground level and can reach up to 65 feet high (roughly 7 stories high)
  • We use purified water to clean your windows
  • Environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used
  • The high reach system cleans your frames aswell as your glass windows
  • It is able to clean windows that are normally inaccessible 
  • Avoids having to hire in expensive equipment, which keeps the cost down for the client providing we can reach without the use of equipment. 
  • Avoids using ladders which can be a safety risk
  • Maintains privacy within your workspace
  • Is used for cleaning windows, frames, glass roofs, facades, signs, panels and skylights all with great ease


Whether you are looking for the front of your shop to be cleaned or whether it is a whole office block, we are able to provide you with a professional, reliable commercial cleaning service you will not be disappointed with.


Commercial Window Cleaning       Commercial Window Cleaning


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet cleaningDSD Cleaning Services provides a first class commercial carpet cleaning service at very reasonable prices. We understand that everyone is looking to save money and receive cost effective prices which is why you should contact DSD Cleaning Services today.

We have a trained professional team of commercial carpet cleaners who are highly qualified in all the works we carry out. At DSD Cleaning Services we are also fully insured with public and employers liability insurance, so you will have peace of mind when we work within your premises.

At DSD Cleaning Services we have the latest machinery for commercial carpet cleaning which works to tackle any harsh stubborn stains by powerfully injecting the environmentally friendly solutions in your carpet and then instantly extracting to leave you with fresh, new looking carpet.

We provide commercial carpet cleaning services to businesses in and around London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent. If you carpet is looking old or you have some tough stains which need professionally tackling, call DSD Cleaning Services today on 07950 448 901 or simply fill out the contact form and we will be able to provide you with a free no obligation quotation.


Commercial General repairs

Commercial General Repairs

DSD Cleaning Services have a qualified team of handy men who carry out commercial general repairs in and around your commercial property, from completing plumbing work, to electrical work, to general ground repairs whether it your carpark area or forecourt to any lawns you may have we have a team of qualified staff to assist you every step of the way. Call us today on 07950 448 901 or simply fill out the contact form with your repair request and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


  Commercial Ground Repairs